Renata Pereira hosts FIFA event


I'm a journalist with 14 years of experience in Media Operations and Media Relations, Social Media, News Reporting, On camera Presentation, Voice Over narration, Video Production and Editing for TV and the Internet. I have lived in Los Angeles, Rio de Janeiro and now I'm based in Austin, Texas, but have already worked in several countries. This unique ability to transition among various cultures and beliefs while ensuring the final product is always delivered on time and on budget is my greatest differential. And I love to be able to help people achieve their goals.

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I'm a Communications professional experienced in major events. I develop my own programming while also working with national and international clients.

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In a simple answer, I'm a storyteller. I use my expertise to create engaging pieces in video, text or 140 character tweets.

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Whether it's telling my story or your story, I'm passionate about creating deep level connections with people. I never deliver a work if I'm not proud of it.

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I keep improving my skills with extension courses and industry events. I've worked on projects in 20+ countries and I'm fluent in 4 languages.

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I am based in the Austin area (Texas, USA), and I'm available to work on projects both on a local and an international level.

Renata Pereira hosts referee event

Video and Film Production

From pre-production to post-production, I create corporate, training videos and original programming optimized for TV and the internet.

Media Operations

From Sporting events to Music and Conference gatherings, event organizers generally count on additional staff to handle the operations at the Media Centers and other media areas. I'm experienced both setting-up the requirements and managing the day-to-day activities in Media Centers, Press Conference rooms (also moderating press conferences) and Mixed Zone areas.

News Production and News Reporting

Whether it's preparing the work for out of state or foreign crews or doing the entire news reporting from pre-production to delivery, I'm count on state of the art equipment and facilities to cover breaking news, adventure or lighthearted stories without missing the deadline.

PR and Media Relations

Are you looking for a professional who can fine-tune the message you want to communicate to your clients, customers, guests or the media? I have worked for 4 years preparing the communications activities related to the extremely successful 2014 FIFA World Cup, in Brazil.

Social Media Strategy

Social Media seems to be a universe on its own, which changes faster than anyone can predict. I've been a user since the first days of Orkut and have never stopped investigating new trends and getting familiar with up and coming tools.